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10 Great Reasons to Choose Quality Homes to Sell Your Home

Inventory is very low and good homes and sites are hard to come by. Newer homes are very much in demand.  Older homes are holding their value and even the oldest homes in poor condition are commanding good prices as home sites for new home buyers.

Quality Homes’ expertise will provide tremendous value to home sellers for many reasons:

  1. We are mobile and manufactured home specialists. We know everything there is to know about mobile and manufactured homes, this is all we do. Our expertise will put your mind at ease the sales process and instill confidence in the buyers who we talk to about your home.
  2. We know the values and the comparable sales in every manufactured home community and have resources beyond the MLS to assess the true value of your home and even help lenders and appraisers to value your home properly so your home will sell for its full value.
  3. We know what buyers are looking for and have the experience and resources to help them see the full potential of your home regardless of its age or condition, without costing you unnecessary time and money.
  4. Quality Homes has an excellent reputation. We are well known for our expertise, integrity and as specialists in our field. We advertise prominently and meet many potential home buyers in our regularly scheduled open houses. As a result we have a steady referral business and a list of buyers at any given time – we may already have a buyer for your home!
  5. We help sellers and buyers to assess inspection reports and make wise decisions about items that are important to address while keeping everything in the proper perspective.
  6. We are experts at manufactured home financing and can recommend the best lenders based on the age and type of home (even older homes), the type of community and the financial strength of the buyer – your house will sell faster if your buyer can get the financing they need.
  7. We are experienced and caring sales professionals who know that people buy when their needs are met and their criteria is fully satisfied. We take time to understand and qualify every potential buyer.
  8. Because we sell new as well as used manufactured homes, we have a broader market for older home buyers. We may sell your home as-is or we may have a new home buyer who may be interested in your site for a new home installation. We will address the needs of both kinds of buyers and ensure in either case that you get the full market value for your home.
  9. If we find a new home buyer for your site you will pay no commission, no closing costs and will not have to fix, clean or clear out anything from the home or site.
  10. In certain communities we may pay cash for your older home and save you from the time, trouble and expense of repairs, cleaning, inspections, repairs and closing costs.Take the first step. Call Quality Homes for a no obligation home valuation and home sale consultation. We look forward to meeting you!

If you are thinking of selling a mobile or manufactured home of any age and in any condition, you owe it to yourself to call Quality Homes before listing your home.

Take the first step. Call Quality Homes for a no obligation home valuation and home sale consultation. We look forward to meeting you!